Women Travel

When did you last experience an enchanting adventure? Or watch a stunning sunset? Or feel relaxed, light and energised? Like many women, you might be juggling more than ever before. You are worn out, if not drained, for much of the time. 
The wrinkles on your face, those unending headaches, that undesirable bit of flab around your bottom, those bitten finger nails, that end-of-day desire for a beer: All these signs are a warning. It won't be long before your body shuts down unless you recharge your battery. And our female travels in Uganda and Rwanda are just about that: They are inspired by the fact that life isn't supposed to be about the breathes we take, but rather the breathes that take us away.
Being partly owned by a woman, Umoja Motherland's tours are individualised for women seeking; solo or group adventure, wildlife gorilla and cultural trips. 
Forget about safaris that are just a flight of fancy, or those extortionate overindulgence. All adventures of Umoja are about taking stock, rebooting and rebuilding your body. Some are the ultimate in flashing stress out of your system, others are truly enlightening or even life-changing.
Both our solo and group tours are a first-class ticket for you to try some things you have never dared to try before. They are guided by female tour guides who are passionate about their jobs. They don't find it bothering to go the extra mile to ensure you have a blissful safari. On the other hand, our travel consultants offer personalised and most importantly-unbiased guidance on experiences that would truly suit you. This is matched with decent deals on the delightful packages. 
All our trips share something in common. They won't wipe you out or leave you wondering if it was worth the money. As such, once you take the first trip, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
If you wish to give a helping hand while touring, we are happy to match you to charity organisations and institutions in need of volunteers. As your trip unfolds, you will visit women owned local community projects we partner with.
The cherry on the cake is that you will stay in hotels that are owned by inspirational women. Prime focus is on those that directly empower young women especially through jobs and mentorship experiences. While some of these hotels are exclusive to women only, others are open to both gender but, offer women more special treats. 
Regardless of whether you are lesbian or not, we have a selection of cozy places where you can relax and be yourselves during your tour of Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. 
Your safety will be the priority of from the word go. You will also be in the company of like-minded guides to share travel stories with. 
Why book our women tours?
-We have dealt with solo and women group safaris before, and therefore have a lot of experience in this area to cater for your needs in the best way possible. 

Trip advisor reviews from our past women travel clients:

Low stress and comfortable way to see a beautiful part of Africa

I booked a five day Ugandan tour with Agnes in January 2019, and the trip exceeded all my expectations! Agnes and her guide/driver, Nasser, organized a wonderful tour, with a well-equipped vehicle, comfortable accommodation, delicious meals and great conversation throughout. I travelled solo, but the program and vehicle would equally suit groups or families. The itinerary included everything I wanted to do, including gorilla visit, safari by vehicle and boat, a village walk and the chance to see what life is like in rural Uganda - each and every experience was worth the time. Agnes also offered the chance to customize the itinerary in advance, or even on the day, to ensure that I could see and do everything I wanted.

I recommend Umoja Motherland Tours highly and would book another tour with them if in East Africa again. You can arrange exactly the tour that you want and then simply turn up and enjoy every moment.

Angeline - George Town, Malaysia

Amazing time seeing gorillas, golden monkeys, and chimpanzees in Uganda

I wanted to travel to Uganda for gorilla habituation, golden monkey habituation, and chimpanzee habituation. Agnes was a great help in answering all my questions promptly, and she helped organize the whole trip itinerary for me given the activities I told her I wanted to do. From the moment I landed in Uganda to the moment I left, everything was well taken care of. I had a great time seeing many different types of primates in Uganda, and I highly recommend this tour company.

 kataliciousdef - San Francisco, California

Gorilla Tracking and Savannah Safari Epic Tour!

This fantastic company created a tailor made package to meet all my ‘must do’ activities in Uganda plus added on extras to get a full experience of what was on offer.

Agnes and her team are highly experienced and professional tour guides. Nothing is an issue with everything arranged to the finest details enabling the traveller to kick back and enjoy everything!!

At all times Agnes and her staff make sure you are wrapped in comfort, security, culture and adventure. Best of all Agnes demonstrated supreme professionalism and integrity making sure that wants were matched with realism.

This amazing once in a lifetime adventure was magnificent. Starting as strangers and leaving as friends. Thank you!!

KiwiLisa2018 - Wellington, New Zealand