Our Team

UMOJA's team and guides are highly professional and experienced and knowledgable about Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania's, tourism products. We plan and execute safari's with the utmost care to make sure our clients who are our friends have a great safari - trip and get the most value for money in as safe and intriguing environment. 

Our local team members have received the best training there is to ensure that they are well equipped with knowledge of the various tourism products and destinations. They undergo regular Tourist Board certifications to make sure that the information and knowledge they possess is correct and up to date. Whether it be English, Spanish, German, Italian or French, we speak your language. We have a guide to whom you can communicate your every need. 

UMOJA's enthusiastic and professional team in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania have helped us grow to become the best and most trusted tour operator and partner in East Africa and we look forward to serving you.