Tarangire National Park Tanzania

Whether you opt for a game drive or bush walk here, you are guaranteed of meeting over 100 elephants by the time of your departure. It is found in an endearing geographical setting, with a river running through it.

Due to its specialty in Elephants, it has countless herds of African elephants that are very large, beautiful and relatively darker than Asian elephants. Most of them comprise of members of different age brackets ranging from mature one that are over 50 years to calves that are few days old. Their tusks are smaller compared to elephants in the other national parks across East Africa. In the dry season, you will see them digging the ground for water using their trunks, tusks and front feet.

Beyond elephants, Serengeti is big on Savannah park with beautiful vistas in every direction as far as the eye can see.

It is not as vast as the Serengeti, but it delivers a similar vibe and a huge number of animals:, droves of wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, and giraffes. If its your lucky day, you might  even spot cheetahs celebrating a successful hunt. There are lots of different types of trees, including huge baobabs. You will love the changing scenery and see loads of unique different tree species, inclusive of baobabs. From a distance, they look like they were planted upside down with their branches and canopy in the ground, and roots up.

The weird thing about Tarangire is that although it is much drier than Serengeti, it is greener with lots of elephant grass, acacia woodlands, marshland, and forest’s with rivers. No wonder, it has more bird species than Ngorongoro and Serengeti combined. The better part of the story is that it is less crowded.