Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Unlike most parks where you have to wait for three days to see all the Big 5 animals, here you can see them all them in one hour.  Covering  ‎14,750 km2 (5,700 sqmi), it is an endless flat plain with short grass that makes it very easy to view wildlife. In their midst are rocks where lions hide while waiting for their prey. In the rainy season, the grass is green. In the dry season, it turns golden brown.

The Park is divided into 3 sections, the most popular being  southern/central part (Seronera Valley). The western corridor is highlighted by the Grumeti River, a source of life for forests and dense bush. In the north, you will find, Lobo area next to Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve.

Most nature lovers come to Serengeti for hoping to see enough animals during the great migration but end up seeing millions and so much more. Barely five minutes after driving into the park, you will see lioness teaching her playful cubs how to hunt.

Every possible wild life experience that you can envision is captured here during the migration phases. Roughly 200,000 zebras migrate in an orderly fashion from the northern hills to the southern savannah for the short rains every October and November. Next, they turn towards west and north after the long rains in April, May and June.

At night, you are likely to hear roars of lions around your lodge. In the morning, you might spot leopards sunning themselves in the top most branches of the accacia trees.

During game drives, cheetas and elephants might walked besides your car as they carry on with their quest for green grass and rain. You will never tired of watching the parade of giraffes at every turn, and their young ones in tow. At the Grumeti river, you will be stunned to find crocs laying in the sun while awaiting an opportunistic meal of any any animal that dares to jump into the water to cross. This causes a stretch of thousands of animals to line to the horizon as they gather the courage to cross.

As you drive along the river bank, you will find more bird species than you can count. If you want maximum sighting, the guide will take you to areas with more species.

You will have an amazing time discovering Serengeti. Our car is custom made to for the adventure. In addition to having electrical sockets for powering your gadgets, it can maneuver over rough roads and thus making the adventure hustle free. Through their pop-up roofs, you can comfortably view all the wildlife drama as it unfolds. Our driver is attentive and carefully scans the environment thereby enabling you to view wildlife you would have missed out on. He is fully aware of the routine of the park and knows exactly where and when to find the animals, even in seasons when the migration is over. He will drive you very close to a family of tree climbing lions napping under a towering tree, as opposed to the wet ground.

During this adventure, you will have your packed lunch in the middle of the wilderness. There will be sufficient water on board to keep you rehydrated.

Hippo pool

At the muddy pool which is fed by Seronera River, you will find hundreds of hippos spending their days in the water to protect their delicate skin. At first glance, you will think they are submerged rocks. When they start moving, you will start wondering if rocks have legs, that’s when it will down on you that they are hippos. During your time here, you will watch hippo behavior-see them raise their head to yawn, roll and stretch their mouths open. They will make loud grunts you might have never heard before. As the evening gets cooler, you might spotted a mother taking her cute young calf out of the pool to feed on the surrounding grass. Not so far from where they are, you will find crocodiles playing or basking in the sun. It is so easy to take their pictures as they are immobile.