Rwanda National Parks

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park is a dense, lush, tropical paradise, lying across five dormant Volcanic Mountains at the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo; Mount Bisoke, Muhabura, Karisimbi, Sabinyo, and Gahinga.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park

Thanks to its abundance of over 180 bird species, 1,050 plant, and 85 mammal species, it has everything you imagine Africa’s most beautiful park to look like. Add to that an endearing gorilla trekking experience and you have one of the world’s natural seven wonders. It has 10 habituated gorilla families, each comprising of at least 7 members.

You will never feel in any danger for a minute at this 130 Kmgem of Rwanda, it is absolutely safe destination.

Nyungwe National Park Rwanda

Nyungwe National Park – Found in the Southern-Western hemisphere of Rwanda, Nyungwe is one of the few rainforests in the world that successfully outlived the ice age. That’s why it is revered as one of Africa’s oldest rain forests Africa. It covers over 1,000sq km that stretches in Burundi.

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park Rwanda

It is a must-visit destination for the thrill of tracking chimpanzees and a variety of monkeys; Colobus Monkey, L’Hoest’s Monkey, Golden Monkey, and Blue Monkey. No other place in Rwanda receives as much rainfall as it in a year, over 2000mm.

This massive rainfall creates astonishing waterfalls that add to the beauty of the park. During your time here, you will inhale pure oxygen without any air pollutants, the forest is so pristine.

On the part of hiking, there are several trails of varying lengths and gradients. There are options for both enthusiasts of tough hiking challenges and those in need of trails for a leisurely stroll.

Akagera National Park Rwanda

Akagera National Park – There is something magical about this park and the people in it. Its landscape is splendid, with wide views over lakes, escarpments, rolling mountains, savannah plains, and wetlands. Found in the northeastern region of Rwanda along the border with Tanzania, Akagera is one of the very few places in Africa where you stand a good chance of finding Shoebills and Sitatunga.

In the wet season, it is as green as lime and radiant like gold in dry seasons. The park supports developing and educating the surrounding communities in an effort to provide them sustainable sources of income.

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