Concierge services

Concierge services
We guarantee that there is one of our staff at the Airport for the meet and greet upon your
landing in any East African Destination of your choice. An instruction is done that spreads
valuable realities about nearby traditions, and money. Additionally, an itinerary is given to you to
demonstrate to you how your safari/travel will be, the activities, movements and so forth.
Likewise, an Airtel SIM card is given to you to empower you keep in contact with your friends
and family, and for you to speak with our staff while you are on visit in the event that you have a

Our staff is likewise responsible for transferring you from the Airport to your separate
inn/hotel/lodge and ensuring you register with your room. Normally we have one female staff
individual to move on safaris, this staff individual is accountable for ensuring that everything is
all together and that you have an agreeable and significant safari. She works hand in hand with
your safari guide to handle any sudden circumstances that may happen on safari, settle any
issues and to guarantee your glad and fulfilled.

Our contacts with staff are accessible 24 hours if there should arise an occurrence of any issue
inside Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is fine to contact us even after typical working