Aberdare National Park Kenya

Set between Mt Kenya and the Rift Valley in Kenya’s Central Highlands, Aberdare National Park is a phenomenal place to absorb the wildlife wonders of our planet. This 767sqkms paradise is found high in the clouds, at an altitude from 1829m to 4001m above sea level.

Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park

It is made of forested ravines, rolling Savannah, bamboo forest, scenic waterfalls, open moorland. This contrasting landscape offers a refuge for all kinds of animals inclusive of those hardly seen elsewhere, like a black leopard and elusive bongo. Another multitude of wildlife found here include elephants, buffaloes, black rhinos, leopards, bushbucks, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, warthogs, black and white colobus monkeys and on and on. The most notable of its 250 recorded bird species include goshawks, Jackson’s Francolin, plovers, Sparrow hawks, eagles, and sunbirds.

In the moorland zone, you stand chances of encountering Melanistic serval cats above the tree line.

Aberdare National Park has multitudes of rare sightings inclusive of African civet cat, Giant Forest hog, African wild cat, bongo, blue duiker, and golden cat.

There are lots of cozy places where you can indulge in picnics, rivers where you can go trout fishing, and moorlands where you can pitch a tent and camp. The bonus is views of sunrise and sunset on Mount Kenya.

The park is fenced off in an effort to protect its elephants from poachers. Samburu is also home to Kenya’s oldest lodge, Treetops lodge. Its where princess Elizabeth was staying in 1952 at the time her father died.

Travel Tip

Carry with you a rain coat. It can start raining anytime.