14 Days - Uganda and Rwanda Tour


Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains, River Nile and variety of national parks offer a dazzling range of diverse and unique habitats to natural attractions including the endangered Mountain Gorilla, Chimpanzees and over 1,000 species of birds. Uganda’s resulting beauty, natural wonders and biodiversity have impressed generations of enthralled wildlife-watchers and seasoned African Safari-goers.


  • Visit Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks.
  • Game drives and water safari, bird watching, gorilla and chimpanzee tracking.
  • See ancient crater lakes, as well as a variety of animals.




Day 1

Arrival in Entebbe

Boma Guest House

Day 2

Drive Murchison Falls National Park

Paraa Lodge

Day 3

Morning Game drive and afternoon Water safari on the Nile

Paraa Safari Lodge

Day 4

Depart for Kibale National Park

Ndali Lodge

Day 5

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park

Ndali lodge

Day 6

Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Ihamba Lakeside lodge

Day 7

Game drive and Water Safari.

Ihamba Lakeside lodge

Day 8

Chimp trekking Kyambura George

Ihamba Lakeside Lodge

Day 9

Depart for Rwanda

Gorilla Nest Lodge

Day 10

Gorilla Tracking in Parc National des Volcanoes

Gorilla Nest Lodge

Day 11

Drive to Lake Bunyonyi

BirdÂ’s Nest

Day 12

Depart to Lake Mburo National Park

Rwakobo Rock

Day 13

Lake Mburo National Park

Rwakobo Rock

Day 14

Depart for Entebbe

Day 1 Arrival in Entebbe

At Entebbe International Airport, our Umoja Motherland tours professional guide will be waiting to pick you up and transfer you to your lodge.

Overnight at Boma Guest House (BB)

Its rooms are befitting for people who are happier being treated to modern conveniences they would find in a city hotel; air conditioners, tiled rooms, sofa chairs. 

You may take advantage of the lodge's swimming pool to having a refreshing swim and blow off some steam. While at it, you might see Grey Hornbills and Silverbird or at least hear their songs. 

Day 2: Drive Murchison Falls National Park

Depart for Murchison fall national park, Murchison Falls National Park has 76 mammal species and 451 bird species. The River Nile runs through the park and attracts Nile crocodile, hippo and the rare semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope. Lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and Rothschild’s giraffes are just a few of the big Five mammals you may see.

Overnight at Paraa Lodge (FB)

The lodge is located on the Northern part of the river. As such, you can get up early and be virtually alone with lions for long while before tourists waiting for the ferry to pick them from the southern bank. Without it, they can't cross over due to the massive water volume of the river. 

Having been established in 1954, it is one of the oldest hotels in Uganda. Each of its rooms is decorated with an emphasis on classy finishing. They are complete with serene balconies and private bathrooms.

Day 3: Morning Game drive and afternoon Water safari on the Nile

Early morning game drive. On your game drive, you will see a variety of the wildlife and birdlife of Murchison Falls National park including the Elephants, Lions, Giraffes, Antelopes, Warthogs and much more.

After the morning game drive, you will have boat cruises on a 24kilometer stretch of river Nile that dissects that park into two major territories, North and South. Stretches of white water rapids dot the river beautiful. They are created as a result of the resistance that the river encounters as it forces its way downstream. The shoreline is alive with lots of lush vegetation that provides lions a perfect place to camouflage as they wait to ambush prey. 

Overnight Paraa Safari Lodge (FB)

DAY 4 Depart for Kibale National Park

Depart for Kibale Forest National park, Kibale Forest, an incredibly diverse forest that is home to over 335 bird species (some rare or endemic) and 13 species of primates including chimpanzee, red colobus monkey, the rare L’Hoest monkey, blue monkey, grey mangabey, black faced vervet monkeys, baboons, pottos and bush babies.

Overnight at Ndali Lodge (FB).

 It is beautiful built using local materials that are dear to the eco-system like stones and grass thatch. The lodge's 8 rooms, are spread out to offer each guest privacy. There is complete order on the compound. 

DAY 5: Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park

Wake up early morning and head to the briefing station for your chimpanzee trekking.

In Kibale Forest National Park you will track habituated Chimps. These engaging apes are the closed relatives to human beings and are great fun to watch as they play and fight in the fruit trees. Experienced guides will introduce you to the different members of the chimp families, as well as the birds and plant life of the forest.

Overnight Ndali lodge (FB)

DAY 6: Drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Depart for Queen Elizabeth National park. The landscape of northern Queen Elizabeth comprises dozens of ancient craters carved into gentle rolling hills. Queen Elizabeth National Park has over 600 bird species, pleasing to the eye and more than any other national park in Uganda.

Overnight at Ihamba Lakeside lodge (FB)

This Lodge is a true place of imagination. You don't have to worry about noise as the lodge is distant from the main road. 

DAY 7: Game drive and Water Safari.

Early morning game drive. A popular route you may take for the game drive is the Kasenyi sector, well-known for its lions that prey on Queen Elizabeth’s large population of Uganda Kob (antelope). Wildlife to look out for includes elephants, antelope, warthogs, Baboons and occasionally a hyena. Later, you will take a boat for a water safari on the Kazinga Channel at Mweya.

Overnight at Ihamba Lakeside lodge (FB)

Day 8: Chimp trekking Kyambura George

The forest of Kyambura Gorge is home to a diversity of birdlife and a small number of chimpanzees, and other primates such as black-and-white Colobus and vervet monkeys. You will be on the lookout chimpanzee and other primates while on your trek.

Overnight at Ihamba Lakeside Lodge (FB)

DAY 9: Depart for Rwanda

We will enter Rwanda at the Ugandan-Rwandan border. At Kabale, one gets the first impressive view of the volcanic mountains of the Virunga complex. Later we will cross the border to Rwanda.

Overnight Gorilla Nest Lodge (FB)

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by vibrant traditional African dances and songs as perfomed by dancers with colourful costumes. 

Day 10: Gorilla Tracking in Parc National des Volcanoes

After a briefing by the rangers, your gorilla trek will start. The rangers will guide you through the village gardens and into the jungle-like forest to locate gorilla families and will interpret the animals’ behaviour and advice on what you are watching. Members of the gorilla family you will visit are usually spread out across perhaps a thirty meter area in the jungle. You will move from place to place, meeting each member of the family and appreciating their uniqueness. A little infant might frolic in front of you to show off new climbing skills he has learnt. If in the mood, he might reach out to you and touch you. It's such an emotional encounter that has left many in tears of joy. 

Overnight Gorilla Nest Lodge (FB)

Day 11: Drive to Lake Bunyonyi

The day after your mountain gorilla trek, you will return to Uganda and drive to Lake Bunyonyi, a lake of 22 islands, exquisite birdlife, otters, and optional activities such as canoeing and community tourism experiences.

Overnight at Bird’s Nest (FB)

Day 12 Depart to Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo the smallest of Uganda’s savannah national parks can be hot and dry. It is known as the home for the Zebra, and other animals like the giraffe, water bucks, Eland and much more, which you will see. Here, you will have horseback rides, bush walks, boat cruises and game drives.

Overnight at Rwakobo Rock (FB) 

The staff here go to the greatest lengths to make you feel relaxed like you are at home. If you asked the chef if he could do something for your birthday or romantic treat, he will gladly organize an unforgettable feast for the eyes, nose and tongue. You will never forget!

Day 13: Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo is one of the few national parks in Uganda where you can do a walking safari, to see some of its 350 bird species, and impala, eland, buffalo, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, leopard, hippo, hyena, topi and reedbuck. Burchill’s zebra and giraffes are Lake Mburo’s most striking inhabitants.

Overnight at Rwakobo Rock (FB) 

DAY 14: Depart for Entebbe

After breakfast, our guide will drive you to Entebbe with an Equator stopover in Masaka. Picnic lunch enroute, after which you will be in time for your out bound flight


  • All accommodation on Half Board (HB), Full Board (FB) or Bed and Breakfast (B&B) basis as quoted in the text
  • Safari vehicle and fuel
  • English speaking tourist guide
  • 1 gorilla permit per person
  • 1 chimp permit per person
  • Game drives and walks
  • Entrance fees to the national parks
  • All boat tours
  • Taxes
  • Free mineral water in the vehicle during the tour
  • Insurance


  • Visa fees
  • Drinks / alcoholic drinks
  • Additional meals
  • Tips
  • Activities not part of the described program
  • International travel insurance

Please note: that the prices and the program can change due to availability or other unplanned conditions like road conditions, weather etc

Please observe our Additional checklist for Gorilla Tracking

  • Long sleeve shirts and trousers (old clothes recommended as they can get very dirty and torn from the thorns and jungle foliage)
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Hat and sunglasses (although once in the jungle you are in the shade)
  • Gardening gloves to protect your hand from the thorns and vines
  • Good ,comfortable sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support
  • Long socks to truck your trousers into
  • Rain jacket
  • Camera with lenses of different mill metres
  • Waterproof rucksack (or plastic bags inside your rucksack)
  • Plenty of water (the camp provides a packed lunch and lots of water
  • For evenings at the camp it is worth taking a warm fleece as evenings can be chilly. For the daytime light, casual clothes generally suffice.